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4 Dance Classes Baby Boomers Should Try

Tweet Whether you were a good dancer back in the day or not, you should consider taking Dance Classes if you are looking for a fun physical activity that has great benefits to your health.  Dancing as a form of … Continue reading

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The Most Age-Friendly Physical Activities for Older Adults

Tweet Maintaining an active lifestyle as you age is vital for your health.  Physical activity has a lot of benefits for your body and the lack thereof can cause your body to decline physically, mentally and emotionally. However, as you … Continue reading

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Adapting Your Diet as You Age

Tweet One popular proverb states that you are what you eat. Although to some this may sound a bit silly, there is a lot of symbolism to be found in the old adage. Truly, our health and numerous other physical … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Why You Should Start Exercising

Tweet   Exercise and physical activities are not just for the younger generations. An active lifestyle definitely helps aging adults stay healthy, energetic and independent. Here’s a list of how you can benefit from incorporating physical activities in your daily … Continue reading

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Zumba Craze for Seniors?

Tweet Have you heard of Zumba?  You know, that exercise/dance system (some would call it a “craze”) where you move in choreographed steps to loud, fast exotic-style music with a fascinating beat.  I actually took a Zumba class once, but … Continue reading

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