The Most Age-Friendly Physical Activities for Older Adults

Maintaining an active lifestyle as you age is vital for your health.  Physical activity has a lot of benefits for your body and the lack thereof can cause your body to decline physically, mentally and emotionally.

However, as you get older, it gets a bit harder to find enjoyable outdoor activities that are suited for your age, abilities and fitness levels.

To help you out, here are my recommended age-friendly physical activities for older adults.


If you think that Fishing isn’t a form of exercise, then you are wrong.  It isn’t just a physical workout but a mental one as well.  Wading in a stream or hiking to a remote lake will help burn calories and casting and reeling repeatedly targets muscle groups.  Having company while you go fishing is fun too.  It surely is a great way to spend time outdoors and relax at the same time.


Bowling is a fun way to socialize with other people and great workout too.  It’s a total body workout because it strengthens the core, the upper body and the lower body as well.  Plus, it helps you with your balance too.


If you are not a swimmer, there are a lot of water aerobics that you can do or aqua fit classes that you can join.  What’s great about swimming is that obviously, it has lesser risk of falls that can cause broken bones, head trauma and other severe injuries.  Not unless, you slip or dive into the water carelessly.


Golf is a favorite past time and is a professional sport as well.  But don’t worry, amateurs can still enjoy this activity.  You get to burn calories, strengthen your core and improve your concentration and focus which are very important as you age.


You don’t need to go far if you want a body and mind workout.  Gardening is a great way to exercise physical and mentally.  Plus, harvesting what you planted is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.  Think of all the watering, weeding, digging, hoeing, raking and planting – imagine how many calories you will be burning.  Gardening can also spark your creativity, keep you mentally alert and being with nature is a calming and relaxing feeling.

Nature Photography

If you love photography, try something new besides taking photos of your grandchildren or random items inside your home.  Step outside and be with nature.  Whether it’s the sunrise, sunset, waves or wildlife, Nature Photography allows you to burn calories without you even knowing it.

Tai Chi

According to an article that I’ve read, Tai Chis is perfect for those over Fifty because it increases physical balance, improves circulation, regulates blood pressure, re-establishes biomechanical alignments, promotes good sleep and even restores sexual vitality.

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