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The Top 5 Cheapest European Destinations for 2016

Tweet A trip to Europe has always been a staple in every person’s Bucket List.  However, most European cities aren’t cheap and the high price tags make this dream, remain just a dream for most of us.  But do you … Continue reading

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The 4 Anti-Aging Vitamins for You

Tweet Can you really stop the aging process?  Obviously, not.  But you can definitely stop looking your age.  With good nutrition, exercise, healthy lifestyle and the help of vitamins, you can certainly delay some of the less desirable effects of … Continue reading

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Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Baby Boomers

Tweet As technology continues to develop, it gets harder to keep up with what’s on trend in the digital world, especially for non-millennials.  Smartphones have definitely earned a spot in every person’s life because it makes everyday living much easier, … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Stretching for Aging Adults

Tweet Maintaining your body’s flexibility is very important to help increase your range of motion and easily perform daily tasks.  But as you age, your muscles tend to become shorter and less elastic, which results to pain even with basic movements.  … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Prevent Heat Stroke

Tweet Heat Stroke is a serious condition that can take your life.  It is important to know the warning signs and the proper First Aid treatment and strategies to administer in case this happens to you, your loved ones or … Continue reading

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