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The Upsides of an RV Lifestyle

Tweet Going on RV Adventures can mean different things to different people – it can refer to road-tripping, camping, tailgating or going on extended vacations.  Basically, RVing has always been something that people did for fun but today, more and … Continue reading

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How You Can Benefit from Owning Less

Tweet We all have a tendency to buy and collect things we don’t actually need, ending up with a pile of unnecessary items and material possessions – which can be sources of stress and anxiety.  Yes, a life of excess … Continue reading

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Must-Have Gadgets for the Best BBQ Party this Summer

Tweet Summer and grilling are pretty much synonymous, don’t you think? Make the most out of the few months of warm weather and sunny skies and start planning for a series of barbecue parties If you’re looking to expand your grilling … Continue reading

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5 Low Impact Summer Activities for Older Adults

Tweet An active lifestyle is essential for every individual across all ages.  Yes, older adults will benefit a lot from being physically active and the lack thereof can cause your health to decline not just physically but also mentally and … Continue reading

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The Best Trips to Take Right After Retirement

Tweet Traveling provides numerous benefits to your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  It’s such a rewarding and enriching experience that you shouldn’t pass up on.  So as soon as you hit your retirement years, take advantage of all the free … Continue reading

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