6 Reasons Why You Should Start Exercising


Exercise and physical activities are not just for the younger generations. An active lifestyle definitely helps aging adults stay healthy, energetic and independent.

Here’s a list of how you can benefit from incorporating physical activities in your daily regimen:

1. Prevents illnesses and chronic diseases.

Studies show that physical inactivity is a major cause of chronic diseases. Some of these are Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and certain cancers.

2. Strengthens Immune System

Exercise can cause antibodies and white blood cells to circulate faster so that they could detect certain viruses earlier which results to prevention of illnesses.

3. Strengthens bone density

Bone mass naturally decreases as we age which can cause certain risks. But exercise can improve bone rebuilding which makes it stronger and denser.

4. Enhances mobility, flexibility and balance

Aside from resulting to stronger bones, exercise can also improve your flexibility, balance and posture which can reduce the risk of falling.

5. Improves digestive function

Studies show that exercise improves the normal function of our gastrointestinal tract which results to regular bowel movements and can reduce the risk for inflammatory bowel diseases, colon cancer and ulcers.

6. Helps maintain or lose weight

Metabolism naturally slows down with age but exercise can reverse that which helps you burn more calories. We all know how weight gain can increase the risk of obesity-related diseases.

Keep in mind that there’s no such as thing as “I am too old to start exercising.” There are a lot of fitness programs available. All you have to do is just choose which one you will enjoy the most. Not only that you will be able to reap physical results, you will also be able to have fun and socialize which promotes a positive emotional and mental state.

Don’t think of your age as a hindrance in engaging in fitness; make it a reason why you want to start exercising.

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Toni is a contributing author. In addition to writing about the Baby Boomer generation, she also likes to write about relationships and health.
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