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Fun Things to Do this Month of November

Tweet As we bid October goodbye and the holiday season almost in full swing, we now welcome the month of November with excitement and open arms.  If you are looking for things to do this month, here are 8 fun activities … Continue reading

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8 Simple Tips to Prevent Falls

Tweet Almost 8 million people are injured in falls annually, either within their own homes or out in the public.  Every year, 2.8 million older adults are treated for fall injuries and one out of five incidents causes fractures or … Continue reading

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Safe Driving Tips for Baby Boomers

Tweet By the year 2025, one-fourth of all the drivers in America will be 65 or older and according to statistics, those aged 75 and above have higher risks for car accidents, same with teenagers.  So far, the accident rates … Continue reading

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Not Your Typical Anti-Aging Facial Treatments

Tweet There’s no such thing as miracle in a jar but there’s a wide variety of beauty products and spa treatments to help us stay beautiful and young.  Some are even unusual, strange AND expensive. If money isn’t an issue … Continue reading

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Shaving Tips

Tweet This is an article I would not have thought needed to be written, but I got an email (from a well-known Internet marketer who shall remain nameless) that contained a complaint about switching from an electric razor to a … Continue reading

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