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How Grandparenting Does Wonders to Your Health

Tweet There’s a new study published on Evolution & Human Behavior online journal that associates grandparenting, within or beyond the family, with lower mortality rate.  It was conducted among more than 500 seniors aged 70 and older, over a 22-year … Continue reading

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Getaway Ideas for your Next Mother-Daughter Trip

Tweet Mother’s Day is coming up but you don’t have to wait for an occasion to plan for a mother-daughter bonding.  A vacation with just you two is an amazing way to celebrate your love for one another, make new … Continue reading

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Tips for Getting Over Empty Nest Syndrome

Tweet If your last child is all grown up and about to leave home, you’re probably  experiencing a mixed bag of emotions. The child who once used to rely on you for everything is now set to go out into the … Continue reading

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5 Effective Ways to Say “I’m Sorry”

Tweet Sometimes Sorry really seems to be the hardest word. But making mistakes is normal – it is in the human nature and everybody does it. Depending on the severity of your mistake, you will need to put some effort … Continue reading

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How to Cope with the Loss of a Partner

Tweet Losing the love of your life is very painful and surviving the loss may seem impossible.  But keep in mind that you have to begin the journey towards healing and moving on for yourself and for your children.  It … Continue reading

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