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Top 5 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail (And How to Fix Them)

Tweet As the clock ticks down to a brand new year, I’m sure many of you are already starting to list down things you want to resolve and goals you want to achieve for 2019. Well, it’s true. New Year … Continue reading

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6 Things You Can Do Now to Make Yourself Feel Happier

Tweet From choosing what to eat to the clothes we want to wear, and even who we want to interact with, our everyday lives consist of choices.  But what many of forget is that we also get to choose how … Continue reading

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6 Mobile Apps to Help You Manage Your Chronic Illness

Tweet With the number of different medications to take every day, doctor’s appointments to remember, symptoms to keep track of, managing a chronic illness can be very difficult and overwhelming.  And for someone who is already physically ill, I don’t … Continue reading

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Using Your Own Blood for Skin Rejuvenation?

Tweet One of the many fads that Kim Kardashian has made popular is the “Vampire Facial,” otherwise known as Platelet-rich Plasma.  If you’re a fan (or a hater), I’m pretty sure you remember that selfie of hers with gruesome blood … Continue reading

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5 Brilliant Ways to Use Essential Oils Other than Diffusing

Tweet I have blogged about Essential Oils in this site a few times already – from the staple ones to always have at home to oils you can use for timeless skin, but never really talked about how to use … Continue reading

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