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The Most Age-Friendly Physical Activities for Older Adults

Tweet Maintaining an active lifestyle as you age is vital for your health.  Physical activity has a lot of benefits for your body and the lack thereof can cause your body to decline physically, mentally and emotionally. However, as you … Continue reading

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The Safest and Most Beautiful Destinations in the Middle East

Tweet The Middle East is a one of the most fascinating and breathtaking regions in the world.  With its history and untouched beauty, it’s a must for everyone to visit this beautiful part of the world at least once in … Continue reading

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Stop These 5 Habits If You Want to Age Gracefully

Tweet We’ve touched the subject of anti-aging many times in this blog already but we haven’t really talked about habits to avoid that promote aging.  A lot of post-50’s turn to surgical procedures and expensive products to reverse the signs … Continue reading

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5 Ideal Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

Tweet Spending your golden years vacationing, relaxing with your loved ones, getting involved in the community, playing golf or probably attending ballroom classes is something that most of you imagined before you retired. However, with the recent downturn of the economy some … Continue reading

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On-Demand Services That You Should Know

Tweet From personal shoppers to food delivery and car-hailing companies, On-demand services have definitely taken off in today’s society.  In case you are not familiar with this new hit, an On-Demand service is a type of service that can be … Continue reading

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