Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2018 (The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide)

It’s that time of the year again when Oprah Winfrey drops her annual list of favorite things that features a curated list of 107 items from various categories and of different price points.

Oprah Winfrey is not just famous for her highest-rated television program, she’s also an American media executive, actress, television producer and philanthropist.

“We’ve got gifts for you for just everyone on your list. There are even some you may want to choose for yourself!” -Oprah

Upon scrolling through the list, I just can’t help but drool over those fancy and luxurious products that are just ridiculously expensive for someone who’s not rich like Oprah.  Umm, a $38 hot cocoa? Umm, no. 

But don’t worry because today, I’ll highlight 8 products from Oprah’s list that falls under the “budget-friendly” category.

Burt’s Bees Holiday Family Jammies 

First on the list is a set of matching holiday jammies that your whole family can dress up in come Christmas morning.  It comes in 6 designs and made from organic GOTS certified cotton – great for sensitive skin.


Empowered Brass Bracelets

Spread love, strength and positivity with these brass bracelets that spell out meaningful words (BRAVE, STRONG, GRATEFUL, FEARLESS, INSPIRED) intended to inspire, empower and celebrate women.


Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library Set 

Forget about toys and gizmos, inspire your kid’s creativity with this art projects in a box that contains over 1,250 pieces for endless fun, crafting, imagination and creativity.



Letters for a Year of Gratitude

This product is not just a wonderful gift idea but is something that you should also buy for yourself.  Letters for a Year of Gratitude includes 52 tear out-and-send letters that will inspire you to send thoughtful, handwritten notes of appreciation and gratitude to all the special people in your life.  Each letter comes with unique prompts that are just so sweet such as “From you, I learned the importance of… What I appreciate about us… It’s the little things, like when…” to name a few.

Menus:  A Book for Your Meals and Memories

This book is not your ordinary cookbook because the author will be you.  It’s an illustrated journal to record celebrations, with paintings by the legendary chef and artist Jacques Pepin.  This book encourages the user to journal about shared meals with friends and families, from the dishes you served, the recipes, the wines that accompanied them, and even the music.  There are no rules.  Be creative and as detailed as possible because this journal will preserve those special memories shared with your special people.

Helix Hand Mixer

Black + Decker’s Helix Hand Mixer is one of Oprah’s top home and kitchenware items on her favorites list.  This model is new from Black + Decker, with advanced helix design that improves mixing performance by maximizing beater overlap and mixing ingredients in multiple directions.  All its accessories can be stored conveniently in the smartly designed storage case which uses the mixer itself as the snap-on cover – that’ll definitely save up space on your counter or storage.

Rapid X5 USB Charger

Born from necessity, this charger was created for big families or group or friends who are looking for a solution to charge their USB powered devices in the car all at the same time.

The X-5 USB Car Charger supports up to 5 devices at ones and delivers fast charging speeds.  No more fighting for the power cable!

Harper Crossbody

This Vegan leather crossbody bag is a must-have for fashionistas on the go.  Its size is perfect for those days when you just want to grab the essentials and head out the door, without sacrificing style.

It has RFID protected card slots and front flap magnetic closure with tassel, plus a carabiner clip if you want to use it as a belt bag.  Though it looks small, it’s big enough to fit cards, money, sunglasses, lipstick, and more.

So this list is just less than 8% of the whole collection. Make sure to visit THIS PAGE to see what Oprah has in store for you this holiday season.

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8 Must-Have Apps for Every Tech-Savvy Seniors’ Needs

Smartphones have become a necessity and a staple in everyone’s lives, no matter which generation you come from.

Statistics show that roughly four in ten seniors are already smartphone owners.

However, with millions of apps flooding both Apple and Android markets, it’s hard to pick the ones that specifically address the needs of older adults.

And to help you with that, here are 8 must-have smartphones applications to download now:

The app to keep you connected:  Facebook Messenger App

Messaging apps are severely cluttering the Apple Store and Google Playstore, all with a goal to make communication much easier. But with aging adults in mind, I highly recommend Facebook Messenger since everyone seems to have Facebook accounts.

Similar to other messaging apps, Facebook Messenger is useful for folks who are communicating across all borders without any international charges. With Messenger, you can chat, make calls and video calls, send pictures and videos all for free if your device is connected to the internet.

But unlike other messaging apps, you don’t need someone’s number in order to connect with them, just their names.

Also, you can use the app without a Facebook account. Just select the “Not on Facebook” option upon downloading the Facebook Messenger app and enter your name and phone number.

But a Facebook account is definitely worthwhile if you want to see updates of your children, grandchildren, other family members and friends’ lives.

The app to keep you safe:  Snug Safety and Senior Safety

Safety is a very important concern for all of us, but most importantly, for aging adults who are living independently.  Snug Safety is a free app from Apple that offers daily check-ins for individuals who live alone at home.  The app will ping the user at a specific time every day to prompt them to “check in.”  If they miss it, Snug will notify each of your emergency contacts through a text message, or have a Snug dispatcher to call your phone to check if you are ok.  If without a response, Snug will call your emergency contacts and send their team to your last known location.

For Android users, Senior Safety is another app that promises to keep your senior loved ones safe.  This free app doesn’t just monitor inactivity on the user’s phone and notifies emergency contacts, but also remotely monitors phone location to protect seniors against falls, wandering, online scams and abuse.  The app also has an SOS feature that allows users to quickly request help when they need it.

The app to keep you entertained:  Lumosity and Old Time Radio 24

In today’s modern times, all sorts of entertainment can be easily accessed from your smartphones.  If you are no longer able to listen to your old favorites on the old-school radio, don’t worry because there’s an app for that.  Old Time Radio 24 has an amazing collection of music and shows from the 20s up to the 70s.  Travel back in time and enjoy the nostalgia.

Now for games, Lumosity is not just a fun game that’s great for passing time but also helps keep the brain sharp, with over 40 games and puzzles that twill test and train your memory, logic, math skills and more.

The app to help you manage your medications and doctor’s appointments:  MyTherapy

With old age and a long list of things to be done, forgetting medications and appointments is quite inevitable.  But don’t worry, with the MyTherapy app, you will be able to receive reliable notifications to remind you of your pills to take and doctor’s appointments to make sure that you’re on top of your health.

The app to score Senior discounts:  AARP and Senior Savings

Members of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) will be able to easily find discounts that are available with the membership on the AARP mobile app.  For non-members, you can get this iOS app called Senior Savings for only $0.99 and score tons of deals for 50 year olds and above.

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6 Mobile Apps to Help You Manage Your Chronic Illness

Pixabay Link to book: 100 Tips and Tools for Managing Chronic Illness

With the number of different medications to take every day, doctor’s appointments to remember, symptoms to keep track of, managing a chronic illness can be very difficult and overwhelming.  And for someone who is already physically ill, I don’t think this person should have more mental and emotional stress in his/her life.

Fortunately, we live in a digital age where we can easily find resources that can help us manage our lives, including a chronic illness.

Today, let me share with you 6 helpful apps for chronic illness management:

1. Medisafe (iOS, Android)

With 4.5 million registered users worldwide, this is the app that every caregiver and person with chronic disease should have on their phones.  Medisafe can be used for multiple pill schedules, refill reminders, checking the best prices on different pharmacies, and also looking up for your medication’s interactions.

Aside from managing your medications, you can also use the app to record your daily blood glucose levels, blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, weight and create a PDF report from the app to see your progress and send to your healthcare providers.

2. My Pain Diary (iOS)

This digital health solution is recommended for chronic sufferers such as persons who have migraines, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, anxiety and depression, to name a few, in order to better manage pain and improve communication with your doctors.  The app is so simple and versatile, with different metrics that you can use to describe pain (location, type, intensity and duration).  It also comes with an automatic weather report give you an insight on how it could affect pain and other symptoms, as well as a color-coded monthly calendar and day view to easily see your progress.

3. mySymptoms Food Diary & Symptom Tracker (iOS, Android)

For better understanding of your digestive health, this app will help you discover certain food and other triggers that can cause your digestive issues.  The app features a flexible diary where you can document your food intake, bowel movements, medications, mood, physical activities, sleep quality, environment, energy level and symptoms.  The app will then provide you a diary analysis that can reveal correlations between your food and the symptoms you experience.

4. Flaredown (iOS, Android)

Another symptom tracker app on the list is Flaredown which was built by patients for patients, offering a community for individuals who are suffering from various chronic illnesses, whom you can also interact with in the app. For each day, you can log in any symptom experienced, medications taken and food intake. It comes with an automatic weather tracking and a database for food, medicines and symptoms which you can easily choose from and tag for your daily entry.

5. Track + React (iOS, Android)

This app is tailored for people with rheumatoid arthritis. Here, you can easily enter every detail about your day such as sleep, food intake, exercise, symptoms and medications, which are all important information when trying to know the impact of your daily activities on your arthritis pain.

6. Glucose Buddy (iOS, Android)

This is definitely a must-have for anyone who has diabetes and pre-diabetes.  Glucose Buddy lets you easily log your A1C, blood glucose, blood pressure, meals, insulin and other medications.   Thanks to its builit-in scanner and extensive food database, logging in and checking each meal’s nutrition facts is very easy, since diabetics has to watch what they eat all the time.  Another nifty feature is its activity tracker which counts your steps, walks and other cardio activities.

Other tips (besides apps)

Managing chronic illness demands constant mindfulness and management. It’s a process that constantly evolves over a lifetime. 100 Tips and Tools for Managing Chronic Illness provides readers with one hundred different methods for accomplishing this task, offering personal examples that are humorous, heartfelt, and insightful. Anyone who lives with chronic illness or knows someone who does will benefi t from reading this honest and entertaining book

Know of any other great apps (free or otherwise) for managing chronic illness?  Feel free to comment down below!


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5 Festive & Fun Activities for Seniors to Enjoy this Fall

Now that Fall is in full swing, it’s time to change up your day to day routine and do fun and festive activities that even our golden aged loved ones will be fond of.

The autumn season is perfect for spending time outdoors but there’s also a plethora of indoor activities that seniors, their families and caregivers can all enjoy together. Continue reading

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Using Your Own Blood for Skin Rejuvenation?

One of the many fads that Kim Kardashian has made popular is the “Vampire Facial,” otherwise known as Platelet-rich Plasma.  If you’re a fan (or a hater), I’m pretty sure you remember that selfie of hers with gruesome blood all over her face. Continue reading

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