The Best American Towns to Spend Christmas This Year

We’re already halfway through November and if you haven’t planned your holiday vacations yet, well, I got you covered.

Christmas is a great time to travel, especially in other countries where you can discover, explore and experience how other cultures celebrate this yuletide season.  But if you are just about to plan out your international trip, I’m pretty sure the prices are already soaring high at this time.

But who says that you need to go out of the country to have a unique holiday experience?  Continue reading

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Top  5 Cities with the Best Healthcare for Baby Boomers

Medical care is an expense that all retirees will eventually face, whether short-term or long-term care.  So it pays to retire in a city where healthcare is easily accessible and at the same time, affordable.

According to reports, the anticipated costs for seniors’ health care have risen, that’s why it is strongly encouraged that retirees should focus on the healthcare factor when planning for their retirement. Continue reading

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The 6 Important Steps to Boost your Memory

They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, well not for the human brain.  It’s true that the brain goes through different changes as it ages but it also has the ability to form new brain cells and neural connections and improve its capabilities throughout your life, if it is provided with the right stimuli.  This process is scientifically known as Neuroplasticity. Continue reading

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Essential Nutrients for Aging Adults

Good nutrition is equally important no matter how young or old you are.  But for aging adults, getting adequate nutrition becomes more challenging because they become less efficient at absorbing these key nutrients from food sources.

Since older adults become more at risk for certain diseases associated with aging, it is very important to eat more nutrient-rich foods to make sure you get all the essential nutrients needed to continue living a healthy life.

So what are these essential nutrients and where do you get them? Continue reading

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How to Eat Healthy when Dining Out

Staying on track with your healthy diet is easy when you’re just at home, where you can control what you cook for dinner.  But it’s not always like that.

Americans love to eat out.  In fact, an article on CNBC says that 90% of Americans dislike cooking, and the average household spends around $3,008 per year on dining out.  Aside from it costing a lot of money, it can also cause a toll to your health if you’re not making healthier food choices when you are dining out.

That said, here are a few helpful tips to eat healthy when you’re out at restaurants while still enjoying your food… Who says healthy food has to be restrictive and tasteless? Continue reading

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