The Best Trips to Take in Your 60’s

Traveling is for everyone, regardless of age. But what makes traveling in your 60’s different is the feeling of accomplishment you get as you finish a trip.  Sure, one can feel accomplished and fulfilled when traveling in their younger years but for retirees, being able to travel around the globe is a very rewarding experience after so many years of hard work.

And oh, let’s not also forget the new-found energy and excitement to discover the rest of the world. After all, time is not anymore an issue when it comes to planning your vacations.

There is no shortage of various kinds of adventure to choose from, so in today’s blog post, let’s take a look at the best trips to take in this decade of your life.

A trip to The Caribbean.

I’m sure many of you imagined your retirement years spent relaxing in your dream home by the beach. While some are lucky to be able to achieve that, for others, well… relocating to a tropical island is quite far from becoming a reality. But you don’t necessarily have to live in a beach house to enjoy some much-needed R&R. That being said, going on a getaway to the Caribbean is highly recommended. The Caribbean offers the ideal setting for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday with its velvety sands, sky-blue waters, green forests, and tropical sunlight. With so many islands, beaches, cultures, flavors and waves to choose from, you will surely find any kind of island adventure you wish to enjoy.  If you have trouble with planning itineraries and getting around, then you might want to see this paradise via ocean cruises.

A River Cruise in Central Europe.

Speaking of cruises, river cruises are also perfect if you want to explore Central Europe’s rivers. Being on a cruise allows you to have a more intimate experience with each place you visit. In Central Europe, you get to journey through Germany, Austria, and Hungary, to name a few. The best thing about Central Europe is its castles, vineyards, storybook villages, and more picturesque landscapes. It’s the kind of trip for 60-year-olds who want an easy paced trip.

A Spa Retreat.

Your golden years are a time of rest and relaxation — so why not do it in style in one of the best wellness resorts in the world. There are so many to choose from for every type of traveler. Foodies will love Borgo Egnazia in Italy. Nature lovers and history buffs should visit Chable and Mexico. For those with chronic illnesses, Ananda in India is a wellness resort that offers various Ayurvendic treatments.

Religious and Pilgrimage Tours.

For Christians, going on this kind of tour is a meaningful way to experience the places where your faith began. From Holy Land tours to Catholic pilgrimages to Rome and other sites, this is definitely an enriching experience and a trip worth remembering.

A culinary tour.

If food has been your passion for so many years, then going on culinary tours is the kind of trip you should do more often. Aside from food tastings, these tours also offer cooking classes with local chefs. Remember, you’re never too old to learn something new – especially when it comes to the kitchen.

When it comes to traveling, there is no limit to what you can do, whichever age group you are from. If you think globe-trotting isn’t for older individuals, well, think again because studies show that traveling can do wonders to your health. 

I hope this article helps you in choosing where to go on your next vacation!

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