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Entering your Golden Years doesn’t mean it’s the end of an active lifestyle.  Now that you have all the time in your hands, you should take this opportunity to reward yourself for all the hard work that you have done for so many years.  One idea that I highly recommend is traveling.

They say that you should travel when you’re young but I don’t think there’s an age limit when it comes to traveling.  As long as you’re fit to travel and capable to spend for it, go and indulge yourself in vacations because you deserve it.

I’ve read that new and challenging experience can boost cognitive health – and traveling is a perfect example for this.  When you travel, you visit places you’ve never been to, experience new activities and see new sights.

Vacations give you happiness and satisfaction which definitely lowers stress hormones which we all know, accelerates aging.

Aside from mental health, it also helps you physically.  Vacations mean doing more physical activities, more sun, more walking and fresher air to breathe (not all the time though).  The activities you do during your wellness trip can be a form of exercise that you will truly enjoy.

Emotionally, traveling develops your patience and open mindedness.  You learn to develop these skills from experiencing cultural differences and language barrier.  Speaking of which, you gain new knowledge from traveling.  You get to learn about their culture, their history and you can even learn new words from their dialect.

Also, travel experiences strengthen your bond and relationship with the person/people you are traveling with.  Together, you create new memories and share experiences.

To sum up this article, no matter where you are traveling to or how long your vacation is, this experience allows you see the world in different ways.  You get to experience or see first-hand how other people live and it will make you appreciate your life and what you have more.

There’s a lot to see in the world and it’s still not too late to experience this.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

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