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Social Relationships Can Increase Your Life Span

Tweet According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina, building social relationships is as important as exercise and diet in extending one’s lifespan.  Being socially active can help you maintain good physical and emotional health as well … Continue reading

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Family

Tweet February – the month of love, hearts and roses.  When you think about this month, you’ll immediately think of romantic dates and flowers from your significant other.  However, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples.  It is the perfect … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Keep You Connected to Your Grandchildren

Tweet We all love our grandparents and grandparents adore their grandchildren so much.  However, because of the generation gap and sometimes the distance, keeping up and maintaining a close relationship can be hard to fulfill.  That’s why grandparents and grandchildren … Continue reading

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News of the Week: Hallowe’en edition

Tweet News for Baby Boomers Hallowe’en edition!  News of Sandy has pretty much dominated the news this week, and rightly so.  The subways of New York are going to be a thorn in the side of many, including baby boomers.  … Continue reading

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Cruising – Just for Old Folks?

Tweet (Author’s note: I am currently cruising around in the Caribbean, and so my internet access is spotty enough – and expensive enough – that it’s a challenge just to get a blog post up. Pictures are out of the … Continue reading

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