5 Ways to Keep You Connected to Your Grandchildren

We all love our grandparents and grandparents adore their grandchildren so much.  However, because of the generation gap and sometimes the distance, keeping up and maintaining a close relationship can be hard to fulfill.  That’s why grandparents and grandchildren should work together and make an effort to preserve the connection.

Here are 5 ways on how you can stay connected with your Grandchildren:

  1. Get along with the parents.

Of course, in order to have a close bond with your grandchildren, you have to start with the parents.  If you are not in good terms with your child or your in law, then it will be hard for you to maintain a good relationship with your grandchildren as well.

  1. Keep in touch.

Most of the time, your grandchildren live far from you that’s why in order to stay connected, you should find ways to bridge the distance.  Thanks to the digital age, it is now very easy to keep in touch with your grandchildren through Social Media and different Chat Messaging applications.

  1. Visit your Grandchildren.

If you can visit them, why not do it instead of just waiting for them to come during the holidays?  If they live really far from you, you can arrange a trip to where they live.  For sure, they will appreciate and love you more for that.  Also, who doesn’t want a mini-vacation?

  1. Surprise them.

Gifts and cards are not just for the holidays.  Let them know that you are thinking about them even when you are not together and even if there’s no occasion by sending a surprise gift, a random card or some treats that you baked yourself.

  1. Avoid favoritism.

One issue that most grandchildren feel that contributes to the emotional gap between them and their grandparents is the feeling that they are given less attention compared to their cousins.  To keep your relationship strong, make sure that you give equal attention and appreciation to all your grandchildren.


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