Getaway Ideas for your Next Mother-Daughter Trip

Mother’s Day is coming up but you don’t have to wait for an occasion to plan for a mother-daughter bonding.  A vacation with just you two is an amazing way to celebrate your love for one another, make new memories, have deeper conversations and strengthen your relationship.

I’ve rounded up a list of weekend getaways that are perfect for your next mother-daughter quality time.

Spa Weekend

Upgrade your usual pamper day by checking in at a spa resort where you can truly unwind, relax and rejuvenate.  Explore the spa menu and spoil yourselves with all sorts of treatments and services.  Imagine a weekend full of body treatments, massages, facials and all sorts.  And the best part about spa resorts?  You get to be pampered while enjoying spectacular views of the ocean, mountains or nature.

Big City Getaway

Get your comfiest pair of shoes on and spend a weekend at the big city doing all the touristy stuff. Tall buildings, luxurious hotels, designer boutiques, an array of dining options and all sorts of entertainment – all these and more to explore in the big city.

Wine Tour

For the wine-lover mother-daughter duo, a weekend filled with wine tasting, wine classes, wine tours and 24/7 breathtaking views of the vineyard sounds exciting, right?


If you’re used to having the boys in your family do all the “dirty work” during your camping trips, don’t worry because glamping offers a great way to experience the outdoors without sacrificing style and luxury.  Glamping or “glamorous camping” is the new trend where you can go camping without having to go through the hassle of pitching a tent, sleeping uncomfortably, building a fire and all those stuff.  It’s a great way to get in touch with nature!

Weekend Cruise

You don’t have to spend weeks of your hard earned vacation leave to go on a cruise.  There are a lot of short cruises that you can enjoy – 3 days of swimming, fine dining, shows and relaxation on board doesn’t sound bad, right?

Casino Vacation

How about an exciting and fun weekend of slot machines, live shows and delicious buffets?  Las Vegas and Reno are the prime destinations for a casino getaway but I’m sure you’ll find one closer to home.

No matter which getaway you choose, make it special, meaningful and worth remembering!

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