5 Effective Ways to Say “I’m Sorry”

Sometimes Sorry really seems to be the hardest word. But making mistakes is normal – it is in the human nature and everybody does it. Depending on the severity of your mistake, you will need to put some effort in seeking forgiveness. And lucky for you, these are a few effective and innovative ways to ask someone to forgive you for your actions:

  1. Take Responsibility

The first step towards getting someone to forgive you for your mistakes is actually admitting to them. This means being sure that what you did was wrong and truly wishing to make things right. You will need to analyse your behaviour and your actions and realize what caused pain to the other person. Only then, when you have taken compete responsibility for your actions, you may proceed with seeking forgiveness.

  1. Explain Yourself

After you have taken responsibility for your doings, the next step is to explain your actions. It is very important not to try to justify your deeds, as this might seem like you are trying to prove that you are not in fact guilty. But, if the person you love is hurt, you cannot just decide that you did not cause them that pain. So try to find the right words and to explain what caused you to do the things you have done. It is crucial to give a thorough explanation and to not leave things unsaid.

  1. Offer A Solution

When everything is said and done, the next thing you should do is offer a clear solution. This means being aware of what you did wrong and offering to fix it. It is a good idea to offer something valuable – something not touchable. For instance, offer them a chance to get to know the real you. Offer gestures and not words. Ask for a chance to alter your behaviour. Try to convince the other side that you know what you did wrong and that you know how to behave further on.

  1. Write A Letter

Of course, if you have a hard time expressing yourself face to face, a great idea is to put your apology on paper. Write a letter about how you truly feel. Include in this letter all the reasons why you are seeking forgiveness and also add a few things why that person means so much to you. Better yet, if you are creative, write a poem.

  1. A Nice Gesture

In the end, gestures can mean a lot. This does not necessarily have to be something huge. For instance, offer them their favourite chocolate bar, create a mosaic of your photos, purchase cute promotional umbrellas with words of love and apology…Pick some flowers or sing a song. Even the smallest gestures can show much effort you put in your apology.

Whether it was your loved one, a close friends or perhaps a family member you have hurt, you really need to make amends. And sometimes a simple sorry just does not cut it. These few steps will surely help you make amends for your deeds.

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