5 Nutritious Meal Delivery Services for Aging Adults

Meal delivery services aren’t just for luxury or for people with busy schedules.  This is also perfect for aging individuals who wish to remain living in their own homes independently.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, one in four aging Americans are affected by poor nutrition.  One of the reasons is probably the challenge of meal preparation.

When meal prep becomes too difficult, they sometimes turn to frozen meals, take-out or pre-packaged meals that are very unhealthy – which of course, leads to poor nutrition and more health problems.

If you are an aging adult or just looking for a stress-free way to deliver meals to your elderly loved ones, consider these 5 options:

1. Meals on Wheels

This is the largest national provider of senior meal services.  It’s a program that delivers nutritious food to the homes of older individuals who are unable to purchase and prepare their own meals.  Meals on Wheels makes sure that seniors have access to adequate nutrition and meet their dietary needs even without family support, mobility and resources.  Along with the healthy meals are friendly visits and safety checks from volunteers or staff members who show up every day.

2. Mom’s Meals

The meals offered by Mom’s Meals are designed by a dietician and handmade by a team of chefs for aging individuals and patients recuperating at home or managing a chronic disease.  You can work with a Care Team to customize a program or choose from health condition menus to meet your nutritional needs, such as heart-healthy, diabetic-friendly or cancer support menus.

3. Magic Kitchen

Senior Meal Programs is the primary focus of Magic Kitchen.  You have a variety of food options to choose from and these are all prepared by chefs and Registered Dieticians to ensure that aging individuals meet their nutritional needs.  Aside from Senior Meals that are healthy and lower in sodium, you can also choose from other menus that are tailored specifically for a certain health condition like Diabetes, Renal problems and those undergoing Dialysis.

4. Personal Chef to Go

The goal of Personal Chef to Go is for their customers to be able to live smart and eat healthy with their fresh, chef-prepared,heart healthy and Mediterranean-inspired meals.

5. Chef for Seniors 

Chef for Seniors offer in-home professional chefs that are way more affordable.  Their professional chefs bring fresh ingredients and cook delicious, nutritious homemade meals in your own kitchen.  Just book a chef and everything will be cooked in your own home and can be customized for low sodium, gluten free, diabetic or any other dietary needs.

Meal delivery services are fast, easy and can definitely provide autonomy for older adults while ensuring that their dietary and nutritional needs are met.



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