7 Tips & Strategies to Survive Long-Haul Flights


When flying overseas, you have to endure being stuck in an airplane for really long hours – up to 16 hours if you are traveling to Asia!  For domestic flights in the US, the longest can reach up to 6 hours.

But don’t let the long flights stop you from traveling to other side of the world where you’ll discover new culture and make once in a lifetime memories.

Here are my tips & strategies to help you survive (and not dread) those long-haul flights.

1. Strategize your seat.

Choosing your seat will help you become more comfortable during those long hours.  Check the online seating chart and consider your leg length and bladder size.  If you have more budget or frequent flier miles to spare, consider upgrading to have a bigger legroom, fully reclining chairs and more breathing space.

2. Power and Load up all your devices.

Before boarding your flight, make sure your devices (phone, tablet, laptop, e-reader, etc.) are all charged and loaded with  games, television shows, movies, music and books to keep you entertained.


Tip:  Have all your chargers organized in a portable case like this one to have them easily accessible in case you will need them.  You need to recharge your devices again before reaching your destination.


3. Pack your sleeping “buddies.”

By sleeping buddies, I mean: a travel pillow, eye mask and ear plugs or a pair of noise-cancellation headphones.  Most international airlines offer these but if you want better quality ones for a cozier and more comfortable sleep, you can pack your own.

4. Wear comfortable clothes.

I REPEAT.  WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES.  You’re going to be sitting for a very long time, it’s not time to pick fashion over comfort.  Don’t forget to pack some layers and cozy socks too as the temperature inside the plane can sometimes be too cold.

5. Consider a sleep aid.

If you want to just sleep all throughout the flight, you can use a natural sleep aid such as Melatonin to help you get some shut-eye.  The effects of these drugs vary for each person so make sure to consult your doctor first and test it out at home to see its effects before relying on them on your next flight.

6. Hydrate!

Load up on water – not coffee, alcohol or tea, BUT WATER.  The chances of becoming dehydrated inside the plane are high because of the dry air.  Avoid drinks that have a diuretic effect such as the ones mentioned above to avoid speeding up the dehydration process.

Tip:  Pack a small bottle of lotion/moisturizer and eye drops to prevent the discomfort of having dry eyes and scaly skin.

7. Get up, Stretch and move around.

If you don’t keep the circulation flowing in your legs, you are putting yourself at risk of developing Deep vein Thrombosis (DVT) or blood clots forming in your legs.  Make sure to get up and do some stretching every two hours.  You don’t have to bust out your yoga moves inside the plane!  The goal here is to help get the blood moving in your legs, so minor stretching will do.

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