5 Apps for Safety and Medical Alert

Today, more and more aging adults have embraced the smart phone era not just for entertainment and keeping in touch with the loved ones, but to other aspects of daily life as well.  Technology has indeed given us numerous options to make our lives easier and safer.

If you are one of the aging adults, a caregiver, a family or friend of a senior who is living independently, you might want to check out these 5 helpful apps.

1. MedCoach (iOS, Android)

This is a very helpful app to remind you to take your medications at the right time and day.  It alerts you when it’s time to take your medications, logs the pills when taken and notifies you when it’s already time for a refill.

2. ManDown

The app has an automatic personal safety GPS tracker that can be activated to monitor the user’s movements.  If the phone is motionless for more than 30 seconds, an alarm will go off.  If it still remains motionless for a minute, the app will send emergency alerts to your designated contacts to notify them that the user may need help, giving them the information and GPS location.  Users also have the option to press the “SOS” button to send an immediate alert in case of emergency.

3. Lifeline Response

With the app’s one-touch call button, you can immediately access a Lifeline Response Associate and provide emergency responders your personal identifying information and exact location.  Lifeline Response uses the GPS information and cell towers triangulation to send you the fastest and most accurate assistance possible.

4. Urgent Care

It’s not all the time that you can easily reach your doctor through phone or visit the hospital/clinic in case of any medical situation.  But with the Urgent Care app, you have access to a US based registered nurse to assess your symptoms or answer your medical questions.  If your condition needs a consultation with the doctor, there will be one available round the clock to diagnose and prescribe medications when needed.  The app also has an interactive symptom checker tool if you want to monitor your symptoms on your own. (iOS, Android)

5. SafeTrek

During unsafe or dangerous situations, at home or in public, the SafeTrek app will allow you to protect yourself and call the cops on your behalf.  The app has a “safe button” that you can hold when you feel scared, unsafe or uncomfortable.  Once you release the button, just type in a 4-digit PIN once you are safe.  If in danger, release the button and don’t enter the PIN.  The app will immediately notify the local police of your location and emergency.

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