Brain Stimulating Activities (That Don’t Involve Reading & Memory Games)

As you age, it’s natural for your cognitive function to decline since ageing brings changes to brain.  According to NCBI, the brain shrinks with age increasing age, affect all levels from molecules to morphology.  Obviously, aging is inevitable and definitely irreversible but with physical exercise, good nutrition and challenging mental activities, you can definitely keep your brain active and preserve mental acuity.

Reading, mind puzzles and memory games are designed to keep your mind sharp and fit but let’s get real, it can get boring sometimes.  But who says that these are the only activities that can challenge and stimulate the brain?  Check out my list of 5 brain stimulating activities that are exciting, fun and definitely not boring.

1. Spending Time with your Grandkids

Being involved in your grandchildren’s lives will not just keep your relationship with them healthy, but your mind as well.  When you get the chance to spend quality time with your grandkids, help them with their homework, read books with them, tell stories about their parent’s childhood and reminisce the past to keep your mind constantly wandering and working.

2. Learning Something New

Whether it’s a new language, modern technology, crafts or physical activity, learning new things will surely challenge your brain to the fullest.  Check out classes offered in your neighborhood or online.

3. Gardening

The planning, cultivating and growing methods in gardening stimulate the brain in a way that it challenges to brain to remember things and make decisions.  Also, spending time outdoors is a great way to get the much needed Vitamin D which is necessary to balance brain hormones.

4. Cooking and Baking

Again, these are the types of activities that require you to follow and carry out certain steps and methods which are good for the brain.  It doesn’t just feed your brain, but your stomach as well!

5. Watching Movies, TV shows and Theater Performances

Studies show that going to the movies and theaters can help prevent mental decline.  Well, that’s a very entertaining way to keep your brain healthy!


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