5 Simple and Easy to Use Smartphones in the Market

71xozsltoil-_sl1500_Smartphones have become an important tool in making everyone’s lives easier.  What used to be famous among younger generations only, have already been adopted by the older ones.  Research shows that the number of smartphone ownership among older adults has been continuously increasing hence companies developing more and more devices that are easier or more convenient for the older generations.

So whether it’s your first time to buy a phone or thinking of upgrading, here my top 5 recommendations for the most simple and easy to use smartphones that are currently in the market.

Greatcall Samsung Jitterbug 3

For only $50, you can already own a smartphone with built-in health and safety apps – 5Star Medical Alert, MedCoach for medication reminders and an Urgent Care that is accessible 24/7 when you need help from nurses and doctors.  The icons are large and organized in a single list which makes it very easy to navigate.

Jitterbug Smart

Here’s another Jitterbug phone from Greatcall but with a larger screen display.  The 5.5” touchscreen has a simple menu with large icons that are organized in a single list.  It also has the exclusive health apps from Greatcall just like the previous model mentioned above.  It’s hearing aid compatible and is equipped with a Voice Typing features that converts spoken words into on-screen messages or emails.

Doro 824 SmartEasy

This Android phone was designed with older adults in mind with its large 5-inch display and big icons.  It has an emergency call button at the back of the phone that you can easily press in cases of emergency.  Another cool feature is that the phone can be remotely accessed by a trusted person to help the user do certain tasks like entering and editing contacts.

Snapfon ezTWO

If you want a “smart” phone that isn’t touchscreen, you’ll love this phone from Snapfon which has a speaking keypad, big buttons, enhanced volume and up to 28 point font size.  It also has an SOS button which you can press to connect with emergency services and family members.

iPhone 6 Plus

The large 5.5” touchscreen, adjustable background light and the option to increase the font size makes reading, watching videos and viewing images easy on the eyes.  With the fingerprint reader, you don’t need to worry about forgetting and remembering the password of your phone.  All you need is to place a finger on the home button and your phone will read your fingerprint and voila, you can already use your iPhone.

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