5 Comfort Tips for Long-Distance Road Trip

Traveling is a rewarding and enriching experience.  Now that you are in your Golden Years, it’s about time that you reward yourself with new experiences by visiting new places and discovering new cultures.  However, once you age, traveling isn’t as easy as it is when you were younger.  But that shouldn’t stop you.  With careful planning and preparation, you’ll be able to endure and enjoy those long rides.

Here are my 5 comfort trips for your next long-distance travel:

1. Plan your route.

Once you have your destination set, plan your route carefully with the help of the internet.  Choose the best and safest way for a fuss-free travel.

2. Make sure your vehicle is tuned up.

Have your local shop or dealership check your vehicle to make sure that it can actually withstand the long travel.  Pack an emergency kit with all the necessary car equipment, phone numbers and insurance cards.

3. Pack your essentials.

Before hitting the road, make sure to pack all the essential items in a bag that’s easily accessible.  Your essential items will include a light sweater, a travel pillow, a hat, your favorite snacks and drinks, your phone or tablet to keep you entertained and of course, your medications.  Tip:  Prep your meds beforehand in a pill organizer to avoid the hassle of opening bottles while on the road.  Make sure to have extra pills and as needed medications too.

4. Wear proper clothing.

Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes because you don’t want to feel constricted and uneasy on your road trip, right?

5. Take measures to prevent blood clot.

Anyone who travels for more than four hours is at risk for blood clots, whether it is by air, car, bus or train.  The longer your legs don’t move, the higher the risk for these blood clots to form in the deep veins.  Normally, these clots will dissolve on its own but when they don’t, it can be fatal.  That’s why it is important to take frequent breaks for you to walk around and stretch your legs.   Also, while sitting, you can do leg exercises to improve the blood flow.  Wearing compression stockings is very helpful too because it squeezes your legs and promotes blood circulation.

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