Top 4 Wearable Devices for the Baby Boomers

71-3K9YOCSL._SL1500_If you are still unfamiliar with the Wearable tech, then you are missing out.  Thanks to modern science and technology, staying active and monitoring your health is much easier than before.  These wearable devices make life easier for both the users and caregivers as well.

Here are 4 wearable gadgets that can help you, a friend, or a family member ensure safety, comfort and an improved quality of life.

1. Withings Pulse Ox

Unlike the usual wearable devices that track your heart rate, number of steps, calories burned and sleep pattern, the Withings Pulse Ox monitors your pulse and SPO2 too.  If you didn’t know, SPO2 is the “Fifth Vital Sign” that analyzes your blood oxygenation level.  The normal SPO2 level is 95-100% and low oxygen levels can lead to respiratory or cardiac arrest.  Wear Pulse Ox can be worn around your wrist or attached to your clothing.

2. Lumo Lift Posture Coach and Activity Tracker 

The Lumo Lift can track your steps, distance, calories burned and posture.  Yes, this small, lightweight device can alert you when you are slouching through a gentle vibration.  Poor posture is the leading cause of back pain which is common as you age.  With the help of Lumo Lift, you can easily be reminded right away to straighten up, sit straight and stand tall.  Unlike other trackers, you can wear this discreetly and hide it under your clothes.

3. Lively Wearable

What makes this wearable device stand out from the rest is its Urgent Response feature where you can press a button and alert a highly trained agent to send help in cases of emergencies or in doubt of certain health issues like medication concerns or feeling faint.  You can also send family members alerts when you need their immediate response in situations such as locking keys in the car or walking alone.  Not only that, it’s also equipped with sensors that detects sudden falls and initiates a call for help.

4. Active Protective

As you age, you are more prone to falls especially when living independently.  With the help of this Smart Belt, you will be able to prevent painful hip injuries because it has 3D sensors that can detect a fall as it is happening and automatically deploys airbags over the hip.

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