How to Save Money When Traveling

It’s time to reap the fruits of all the hard work that you have done over the years and what better way to reward yourself than to travel.  Being able to explore new places and experience new cultures is very good for the mind, heart, body and soul.  But travel isn’t cheap!  So here are 5 smart tips to still save money when traveling.

Travel off Season

When choosing your travel dates, stay away from the peak season because obviously, it’s when the rates are sky-high.  Take advantage of the off-peak or shoulder season rates in order to save money.  Also, there will be fewer crowds in touristy areas.

Ask for special rates

Before or during your travel, always ask if they have special rates and discounts for seniors.  For sure these things aren’t always advertised but they do exist.  For example, you can avail discounted rail tickets in some countries like France, Norway and Great Britain. Other hotels also offer discounts for seniors.  One example would be Marriot properties that offer a “15% or more” discount for those who are 62 years old and above.

Stay Away from Expensive Hotels

Since you will most likely travel all day and just stay in your hotel room for a short period time, you don’t have to shell out a lot of cash just for accommodation.  Go for cheaper alternatives that offer good quality service like apartment rentals or those budget family-run hotels.  Airbnb has become really popular too and is the preferred choice of accommodation for most travelers especially those who travel in big groups.

Use Bonus Miles

If you don’t have a travel-related credit card, sign up for one.  You’ll get to accumulate hundreds of thousands of miles each year that you can use when you book your airfare ticket.

Eat Like a Local

When traveling, go for authentic local food because they are usually cheaper.  For example, if you are traveling in Asia, try their street food.  Also, you can buy fresh produce or groceries in local supermarkets and cook meals if your accommodation permits you to cook.

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