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Giving Up the Car Keys Can Be a Difficult Step

Tweet Many boomers find themselves contending with one of the most distressing problems they will ever have during this time of their lives, and that is helping their parents understand that they soon will be giving up the car keys … Continue reading

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Hepatitis C Testing – The Final Edition (I think)

Tweet After jumping back and forth about Hepatitis C testing in my previous blog posts here and here, and learning that I DO need to get tested, because I took RhoGAM injections (a blood product) in 1971 and 1974, before … Continue reading

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Zumba Craze for Seniors?

Tweet Have you heard of Zumba?  You know, that exercise/dance system (some would call it a “craze”) where you move in choreographed steps to loud, fast exotic-style music with a fascinating beat.  I actually took a Zumba class once, but … Continue reading

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