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6 Mobile Apps to Help You Manage Your Chronic Illness

Tweet With the number of different medications to take every day, doctor’s appointments to remember, symptoms to keep track of, managing a chronic illness can be very difficult and overwhelming.  And for someone who is already physically ill, I don’t … Continue reading

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Using Your Own Blood for Skin Rejuvenation?

Tweet One of the many fads that Kim Kardashian has made popular is the “Vampire Facial,” otherwise known as Platelet-rich Plasma.  If you’re a fan (or a hater), I’m pretty sure you remember that selfie of hers with gruesome blood … Continue reading

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5 Brilliant Ways to Use Essential Oils Other than Diffusing

Tweet I have blogged about Essential Oils in this site a few times already – from the staple ones to always have at home to oils you can use for timeless skin, but never really talked about how to use … Continue reading

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9 Helpful Tips to Sleep Better Every Night

Tweet As you age, your sleep patterns also change – you tend to get sleepy earlier, and you also wake up earlier than the usual. Although these changes are considered normal part of aging, insomnia and disturbed sleep are not. … Continue reading

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How Keeping a Journal Can Improve Your Health

Tweet There is more to journal writing than just being creative, sharing significant memories and building up vocabulary – it has proven to be beneficial to one’s emotional, mental and physical health, especially to aging adults. Journaling isn’t just for … Continue reading

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