8 Must-Have Apps for Every Tech-Savvy Seniors’ Needs

Smartphones have become a necessity and a staple in everyone’s lives, no matter which generation you come from.

Statistics show that roughly four in ten seniors are already smartphone owners.

However, with millions of apps flooding both Apple and Android markets, it’s hard to pick the ones that specifically address the needs of older adults.

And to help you with that, here are 8 must-have smartphones applications to download now:

The app to keep you connected:  Facebook Messenger App

Messaging apps are severely cluttering the Apple Store and Google Playstore, all with a goal to make communication much easier. But with aging adults in mind, I highly recommend Facebook Messenger since everyone seems to have Facebook accounts.

Similar to other messaging apps, Facebook Messenger is useful for folks who are communicating across all borders without any international charges. With Messenger, you can chat, make calls and video calls, send pictures and videos all for free if your device is connected to the internet.

But unlike other messaging apps, you don’t need someone’s number in order to connect with them, just their names.

Also, you can use the app without a Facebook account. Just select the “Not on Facebook” option upon downloading the Facebook Messenger app and enter your name and phone number.

But a Facebook account is definitely worthwhile if you want to see updates of your children, grandchildren, other family members and friends’ lives.

The app to keep you safe:  Snug Safety and Senior Safety

Safety is a very important concern for all of us, but most importantly, for aging adults who are living independently.  Snug Safety is a free app from Apple that offers daily check-ins for individuals who live alone at home.  The app will ping the user at a specific time every day to prompt them to “check in.”  If they miss it, Snug will notify each of your emergency contacts through a text message, or have a Snug dispatcher to call your phone to check if you are ok.  If without a response, Snug will call your emergency contacts and send their team to your last known location.

For Android users, Senior Safety is another app that promises to keep your senior loved ones safe.  This free app doesn’t just monitor inactivity on the user’s phone and notifies emergency contacts, but also remotely monitors phone location to protect seniors against falls, wandering, online scams and abuse.  The app also has an SOS feature that allows users to quickly request help when they need it.

The app to keep you entertained:  Lumosity and Old Time Radio 24

In today’s modern times, all sorts of entertainment can be easily accessed from your smartphones.  If you are no longer able to listen to your old favorites on the old-school radio, don’t worry because there’s an app for that.  Old Time Radio 24 has an amazing collection of music and shows from the 20s up to the 70s.  Travel back in time and enjoy the nostalgia.

Now for games, Lumosity is not just a fun game that’s great for passing time but also helps keep the brain sharp, with over 40 games and puzzles that twill test and train your memory, logic, math skills and more.

The app to help you manage your medications and doctor’s appointments:  MyTherapy

With old age and a long list of things to be done, forgetting medications and appointments is quite inevitable.  But don’t worry, with the MyTherapy app, you will be able to receive reliable notifications to remind you of your pills to take and doctor’s appointments to make sure that you’re on top of your health.

The app to score Senior discounts:  AARP and Senior Savings

Members of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) will be able to easily find discounts that are available with the membership on the AARP mobile app.  For non-members, you can get this iOS app called Senior Savings for only $0.99 and score tons of deals for 50 year olds and above.

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