Smart Kitchen Gadgets Worth Splurging On

From smart scales to Bluetooth enabled coffee makers, the Internet of Things has now taken hold of the kitchen, changing the way we cook, store and eat our food.

There are tons of smart home kitchen gadgets available in the market today from different start-ups and big name brands and they all (or most of them) have one goal in mind – to make our lives easier. Raise your hands if you want that too! 

For sure we all do, but some of these smart home devices are too gimmicky and a waste of money.  So I did my research and came up with a list of splurge-worthy smart gadgets for your kitchen.

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

Price:  $99.99 

Slow cookers have been around for a while now but Wi-Fi enabled ones are quite new.  The smart slow cooker is basically everything that a traditional slow cooker is (a countertop electronic cooking appliance that facilitates unattended cooking for many hours), only difference is that you can control it anytime, anywhere from the WeMo app that you can download for free on your smartphone or tablet.  Now you can increase or decrease the cooking time, turn the temperature up or down, switch the slow cooker to keep-warm mode or turn it completely off even when you’re not home yet.


Price:  $249

Enjoy your food up to 5x longer, reduce waste and save money with the Vacuvita Home Base.  Vacuvita is not just your ordinary food storage – it’s built with a well-engineered vacuum storage system will keep your food safe from oxygen, moisture and other factors that negatively affecting its shelf life.

Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Price:  $119 

Although this is not a cooking appliance in particular, it’s still a must-have in the kitchen.  Nest Protect is Wi-Fi enabled and connects to your phone. It speaks up if there’s smoke or CO and tells you where it is, so you know what to do.  If you’re not at home, it will automatically send your phone a message to alert you when there’s a problem.

iRobot Braava Robot Mop

Price:  $270 

Another non-food related appliance on the list is a Robot mop to help you with all your floor cleaning woes.  Who doesn’t want clean and shiny kitchen floor?

The Braava is equipped with a North Star Navigation system to keep track of where it has already cleaned and where it still needs to go.  When it’s done cleaning, it returns to its base and turns off on its own.  It can clean all hard-surface floors including tile, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and more.

The future is now and it has invaded the heart of our homes.

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