Top Travel Trends for Baby Boomers

According to AARP’s research on Baby Boomer travel, most Boomers are expected to take at least one big leisure trip in 2017 and an average of 5 or more trips all throughout the year – a combination of holiday travels, weekend getaways and summer vacations, both locally and internationally.

Baby Boomers travel for a variety of reasons but research shows that the top motivators are:

  1. To spend time with family & friends (57%)
  2. To get away from normal everyday life (39%)
  3. To relax and rejuvenate (38%)

To dig in much deeper and to help you plan your upcoming travels, here are the Top Travel Trends among Baby Boomers.


The “Bucket List” Travel

Survey shows that 38% of baby boomers have made a travel bucket list that they wish to tick off one by one within the next several years.  These destinations and experiences vary from one boomer to another – it’s all about making their dreams happen and somehow, it’s like a celebration of their retirement too.

Traveling as a Couple

Although more and more boomers are now embarking in solo adventures, most of them still prefer to travel with their significant others (65% according to AARP).

Seeking New Adventures

As we mentioned above, the second top travel motivator is to get away from normal everyday life.  Basically, it’s like being able to experience something new.  Boomers nowadays are seeking new adventures but not necessarily those physically exhausting activities.  New adventures include exploring a new culture, trying out exotic cuisine, meeting locals and the like.

Multi-Generational Travel

This type of travel may involve two to four generations of extended family, in which the whole family will embark on a trip that grandparents, parents and kids can all enjoy together.  This style of travel has actually grown tremendously over the years.

River Cruising

Unlike the usual cruise vacations, River Cruises travel on narrower and shallower bodies of water where cruisers can enjoy much more diverse itineraries and explore and see more.

They say that you should travel while you’re young but I don’t think there’s an age limit when it comes to traveling.  As long as you’re fit to travel and capable to spend for it, go and indulge yourself in vacations because you deserve it.

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