World’s Best Beach Destinations to Retire to in 2017

Salty air, clear blue waters, the sound of the waves crashing – a perfect reminder of how beautiful life is.  Being at the beach, ocean or the sea isn’t just fun and relaxing, but also provides numerous benefits to your health too.  

For your mental health, it relieves stress and reduces anxiety and depression.  The sunshine, salty air and seawater all contain negatively charged hydrogen ions that will help balance out your serotonin levels, improving your mood and will give you more energy.  And that extra dose of energy is perfect at the beach since it offers a number of opportunities to do physical activities that are fun (unlike those repetitive and boring home or gym work-outs).

Not only that, it can do wonders to your respiratory health, boost your immune system and is good for your skin (granted that you always wear sunscreen and know your limits when it comes to sun exposure).

Since we’re all about that “beach-life,” why not just move to a beach town and bask in its glory all year round?  Easy for me to say, huh?  But seriously, that’s actually a dream shared by most of us.

If you are lucky enough to choose wherever you want to spend your golden years in, you might want to consider these beach communities…

Below is a list of tropical, beachy and coastal countries from International Living’s World’s Best Places to Retire in 2017:


Nestled between Sicily and the North African coast, this Mediterranean country is definitely a haven for retirees who want to enjoy sapphire blue waters and glorious pink and gold sunsets.  It offers endless opportunities to do all sorts of water activities such as sailing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, etc. all year round (almost).  Malta boasts 300 days of sun with warm weather lasting through mid of November.

Costa Rica

This Central American country may be known for its wildlife, but it is also home to a number of bustling beach towns, simple beach villages as well as deserted beaches that you can visit.  Costa Rica is definitely the ideal destination if you want a year-round tropical climate and a laid-back, beachy lifestyle.


Number 1 on the list is Mexico which offers lots of options for seaside living, depending on your preferred price point, lifestyle, etc.  Because of its proximity to US and its familiarity with the First World lifestyle, the transition and adjustment to expat life is a lot easier than any of the countries on the list.

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