The Pros of Paperless Invites

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, an anniversary, a family reunion or basically any event where you need to invite a bunch of people over, you might want to consider sending out paperless invites instead.

I know that traditionalists will not like this idea and not everyone has access to the internet, so as a host, you also need to take these factors into consideration.

But let’s say your event isn’t really a formal one and most of your guests can be reached online, there are a number of ways to send invites virtually.  Before we jump in to the advantages, here’s a list of the popular online portals for your digital invites.

The Pros:

It’s cheap.

If you are on a budget, this is the party-planning category that you can cut costs on.  No need to spend money on having your invitations designed, printed out, etc.

It’s easy.

Aside from being inexpensive, it’s very easy to make too, even if you have zero skills in arts & crafts.  On the sites listed above, you can choose from a wide array of templates depending on your event, style and taste.  All you need to do is fill up the details.

It’s eco-friendly.

Reduce the need for paper products and help Mother Earth by going digital.

Guests can see who’s invited and who’s coming.

This is actually more of an advantage for the guests rather than the host.  Facebook Events and other e-invite services allow guests to see the complete guest list.  Let’s admit it, it’s always good to know who’s coming and who’s not before deciding on accepting the invitation. *wink*

Updating is quick and easy.

In case there will be changes on the time or venue, informing your guests is such a breeze.  If you are throwing a potluck party, coordinating with your guests is a lot easier too if you do it through Facebook events.  Some event/invitation services also sync to your guests’ calendars, which is definitely a perk.

Immediate RSVP.

No need to wait for a long time to get an idea of how many guests to expect.  Digital invites make it easy for guests to accept or decline an invitation.

So there you have it, a few reasons why you might want to consider sending out your invites the paperless way.  But of course, the modern route has its disadvantages too.  There’s actually no right or wrong choice for inviting guests for your party.  What’s important is that you will have your family and friends celebrating with you on that day.

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