The Upsides of an RV Lifestyle

Going on RV Adventures can mean different things to different people – it can refer to road-tripping, camping, tailgating or going on extended vacations.  Basically, RVing has always been something that people did for fun but today, more and more individuals are already doing it in full swing and embracing the “RV Living.”

In America, more than 9 million households own a Recreational Vehicle (RV) and around 1 Million RVers are now doing RVing full time. It has never been as popular as it is now, with reports showing a 64% increase of RV ownership since the 1980’s.

For today’s blog post, let’s focus on RV Lifestyle – what it is and how it compares with living in a traditional home.

Always On the Go

Literally.  Obviously, living on wheels mean that you’re always traveling but there’s so much more that.  It gives you the freedom to see and do whatever you want – without restrictions.  And this freedom and living in the moment is definitely a satisfying and enriching experience for the soul.

Escape the Bad Weather

Since you can take your home anywhere you want, you can easily run away from the weather when it turns bad.


RV Living and Minimalism go hand in hand.  Obviously, with such a small space, it’s imperative for you to live with less – items you really need and add value to your life.  In my previous article, I talked about the Benefits of Owning Less and one of the many things is freeing oneself from greed, debt and obsession as you began to detach yourself from material things that don’t have value.  As a result, you gain appreciation to what’s really important and that there’s more to life than just material possessions.

Less Cleaning

Heck yeah!  Smaller space = fewer items = less cleaning.  If that’s not enough, how about the idea of not having a lawn to mow or yard work to do..

Meeting New People

RVing gives you the opportunity to meet different people – some who are also embracing the RV Lifestyle.

More Time Outdoors

Lastly, it encourages you to spend time outdoors which is a good thing for your physical, emotional and mental health.  It also gives you the opportunity to see and explore the outdoors which you wouldn’t normally be able to experience if you live in a fixed location.

But living in an RV isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.  It has its own set of challenges too.  But because of it not being the ideal “comfortable lifestyle,” it teaches you see life in a different perspective – it’s not perfect, you make mistakes, things break but at the end of the day, you will get through it and that helps you grow as a person.

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