Must-Have Gadgets for the Best BBQ Party this Summer

Summer and grilling are pretty much synonymous, don’t you think?

Make the most out of the few months of warm weather and sunny skies and start planning for a series of barbecue parties

If you’re looking to expand your grilling gear and kick your BBQ up a notch, here’s a roundup of the best gadgets and accessories to help you achieve the Grill Master or King of the Grill title this year.


Of course you need fire to start grilling and if you grill using charcoal, you know that it’s hard to light charcoal with matches and using lighters also gives off a weird taste of lighter fluid.  Your solution? The Looflighter, an electronic fire lighter that lights charcoals or fireplace logs in seconds without the use of fluid or gas.

Weber iGrill 3 Thermometer

Impress your guests with your perfectly grilled meat with minimal effort.  Monitor the doneness of your bbq from the moment you place your meat on the grill to the second it is perfectly cooked from your smartphone.  With this smart grill thermometer, you get to interact with your guests and have fun too.


After all the grilling and eating, comes the cleaning.  And nobody really wants to do that.  But hey, someone (or something) has to clean the remaining gunk off the grill.  Insert Grillbot; if you own a Roomba, then this little helper is basically a Roomba for your barbecue grill.  This automatic BBQ grill cleaning robot will scrub, brush and scrape your dirty grill for you, with just a single press of a button.

Coolest Cooler 

This Barbecue party and picnic must-have is named “Coolest Cooler” for a reason.  It’s not just a cooler, it also has a build-in ice-crushing blender for your cocktails and smoothies, a LED lid light, bottle opener, a built-in USB charger and a removable splash-proof Bluetooth speaker for hours of music!

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