4 Gadgets to Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep deprivation can cause damage to our health.  It can result to weight gain, make the signs of aging more visible, weaken the immune system, affect our mental health and even increase our sensitivity to pain.  Yes, getting adequate and good quality sleep keeps our bodies and mind healthy and functioning at their optimum level.

However, not everyone can fall asleep easily.  Although there are natural sleeping aids that you can take to induce zzz’s, there are also a number of electronic devices that can help you get a better night’s sleep.

1. Dodow

Dodow is a metronome with a light system that exercises your brain to help you sleep 2.5 times faster than the average.  The soft blue light that it projects onto the celling of which you synchronize your breathing with has a hypnotic effect to induce sleep faster.  The company claims that users who normally take 60 minutes to fall asleep will be able to doze off in just 25 minutes or less when they use the Dodow.

2. Philips Wake Up Light

This bedside lamp has a sunset-simulating light that guides you towards relaxation and restful sleep.  Aside from its dimming light feature, the Philips Wake Up Light also aims to help its users wake up naturally and more energized with its sunrise simulation that gradually increases within 30 minutes before your chosen wake-up time.

3. Sleep Headphones 

Whether you want to drown out a partner’s snoring or just need white noise to fall asleep, a pair of earphones will be your best friend.  However, having bulky earphones on can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable which hinders you to fall asleep.  Well, not this one from CozyPhones – the most comfortable pair of earbuds that will not hurt your ears.  It doubles as a sleep mask too to block light and allow you to sleep anytime and anywhere.

4. Smart Pillow

In today’s digital age, smart pillows with built-in sleep motion detector, snore alarm, internal speakers and sleep analyzer do exist.  The ZEEQ Smart Pillow combines personal audio sound, sleep tracking and snoring solution technology to help you get a soothing and restful night of sleep.

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