Technologies that are improving the lives of the elderly

As you get older, it’s not uncommon for independence become a distant memory. Everyday tasks can become a struggle and important things are easily forgotten. Modern day technology advancements have brought to the surface devices that allow the elderly to regain their independence. Gone are the days where people will rely on their family members and friends to remind them to take their medication. Here are five of the best technologies that are improving the lives of the elderly…


This device was designed to be a therapeutic companion for the elderly. Paro is a robotic seal who was created by Japanese engineers, with the hope of mimicking the companionship of a pet, without any of the maintenance. It’s widely believed that animals, such as dogs, can reduce stress or anxiety levels and make a person feel protected. Paro is a fully functioning robotic pet who can learn and respond to its user’s preference, this can improve the user’s cognitive mobility and prevent loneliness, depression and dementia.

The GrandCare Sytem:

The GrandCare system is a fully-featured tablet based home system which delivers a number of different featured catered to the user. This system is great for the elderly as it provides them with reminders and medication prompts. The GrandCare system doesn’t require computer skills – some devices can be quite intimidating and difficult to navigate, which can be off-putting to the user. A Care Portal is integrated into the design where caregivers, friends and family can access important information about their loved ones i.e. any unusual behaviour and allows them to send messages.

Television Ears:

Television ears are a really useful technology for family television time. This headphones device is fitted underneath the users chin and allows them to adjust the television volume accordingly. Television ears are a great way of preventing exclusion as it allows the user to join in with everyday TV time, rather than feeling isolated or unable to fully enjoy the experience. It can be a great way to bring the family back together!

 The FitBit:

The FitBit is essentially a wearable personal trainer device that allows you to monitor important things like your heartrate, your sleep patterns and the steps you take on a daily basis. As you get older, it’s important to remain active so that you don’t lose mobility. Increasing awareness of your activity can really improve mobility and make you more aware of your everyday mobility. If you are given the tools and reminders to improve your lifestyle, then nothing should stop you! This device isn’t exclusively for the elderly, but it encourages them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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