6 Travel Must-Haves for Your Solo Trip

When traveling solo, it’s necessary to pack light and smart.  You have to make sure that you can single-handedly manage your luggage since there’s no one to help you carry or watch over it.  Aside from packing light, you need to prioritize comfort and convenience.  Also, you have to think about possible travel mishaps and be prepared for it.  Travel inconveniences get more stressful when you’re on your own.

To get you started, here are 6 travel must-haves that you need to pack for a safe, comfortable, smooth and hassle-free solo vacation.

1. Hard-shell Rolling Suitcase

One of the things that every adult should invest in is a high quality luggage, especially for frequent travelers.  The Samsonite Tread Lite Lightweight Hardside Set is very sturdy, waterproof, expandable and very easy to carry around – perfect for the solo traveler.

2. Backpack with Padded Straps

Every traveler, whether you are traveling solo or in groups, needs a backpack with padded straps.  It lets you go hands free and spreads the weight better unlike the single strap purses or cross body bags.  I’d recommend a lightweight backpack that has a compartment for your laptop and gadgets like the Lapacker Laptop Backpack that isn’t just water resistant but shockproof as well – ideal for both business and leisure travel.

3. Passport Holder & Travel Document Organizer

To avoid losing your ID’s, passport and other important cards and documents, it’s safe to have them organized in one place.  This light weight and durable travel organizer from Amazon have multiple compartments for your passport, tickets, boarding passes, money, smartphone, keys, earphones, Kindle and credit cards.  It even has an RFID signal blocker that protects your information from unauthorized scans.

4. Foldable Reusable Bag

If you are planning (or even if you are not) to shop on your vacation, it’s best to pack a foldable reusable bag since you won’t have a travel buddy to share with you their extra luggage space.  This portable storage luggage bag from Woogwin is so compact and light weight, very easy to pack in your luggage or carry-on.

5. Portable Charger

For safety reasons, never leave your cellphone battery empty!  It’s the only way to stay connected with people at home.  This 26800mAh Anker Power Core Portable Charger has 3 USB ports and can charge most phones over 7 times, tablets at last 2 times and any other USB device multiple times.

6. First-Aid Kit and Emergency Contact Info Card

You can purchase a Travel First Aid Kit or customize your own.  You know what you need – pain and allergy meds, your prescription and maintenance medications, multivitamins, bandages, Neosporin, eye drops, etc.

And don’t forget to bring an emergency contact info card.  You can make your own using an index card or the back of a business card or purchase a blank emergency medical information ID and fill it up with all the details.  In case something goes wrong, people will know your existing medical condition (if you have any), allergies, blood type and the person to contact in case of emergency.  Put it inside your wallet and probably another one inside your pocket or bag.

7. Monopod

Last but not the least, a monopod.  This Bluetooth enabled Selfie Stick with Tripod and remote shutter is perfect for taking solo photos without having to ask other tourists to take one for you.

Who says selfies are exclusive for Millennials?  Definitely not.


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