Book On-demand Car Services without a Smartphone

Transportation is one of the hurdles that a baby boomer may struggle with in case he/she isn’t able to drive anymore.  But have you ever heard of on-demand, ride-hailing services such as Uber?  Basically, these transportation services allow you to hire a private driver to pick you up and take you to your destination through the use of a smartphone app.

For the last four years, companies have been targeting the millennial market but now, they are opening their doors to those in the older age bracket.  For the less tech-savvy boomers, you can now make use of this service even without a smartphone.  Certain ride-hailing companies have partnered with other companies to book their rides without having to go through an app and just through a toll-free number.


24Hr HomeCare, a Los Angeles-based company that provides professional caregiving services, partners with Uber to provide aging adults driver-partners that are specially trained to manage their needs.  The UberAssist service won’t be requiring its members an Uber application or even a smartphone.  All you need to do is call them and give the pick-up address and destination.  It is a must that they already have your credit card details in order to book to ride on your behalf.


Lyft, a private transportation network company, collaborates with GreatCall, a company that offers health and safety products and services for older adults.  This service also bypasses the use of a smartphone app.  GreatCall customers just need to dial “0” from their jitterbug phones and talk to an operator to book a ride.  The fare will then be charged to your monthly phone bill.

(Both services are available in California, Florida, Arizona and Dallas.)


This Sand Diego-based startup lets older adults call an operator to book rides with Uber and use other on-demand services such as Instacart for grocery deliveries, Munchery for dinners and Postmates for shopping.

In order to book your Uber, you have to call their toll-free hotline and give the operator all the info needed info to book the ride.  The company charges a 13% commission on each ride and an additional $1.80 fee for their back end costs.

(Available nationwide.)

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