5 Ideal Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

Spending your golden years vacationing, relaxing with your loved ones, getting involved in the community, playing golf or probably attending ballroom classes is something that most of you imagined before you retired.

However, with the recent downturn of the economy some opt to delay their retirement or consider getting a part-time job even after they retired just to stretch the budget or boost their income.

Although running a business is common for retirees, not everyone has the skills and means to do so.  If you are one of those who are looking for ways to earn some extra cash, here’s a list of 5 part-time jobs that you might want to consider while you continue to enjoy your retirement years.

1. Work as a consultant.

Use your advanced degrees and expertise and work as a freelance consultant.  A lot of consulting companies need freelancers that they can just hire and pay per project.  Make use of your connections to find companies to hire you or try online bidding sites like PeoplePerHour.com.

2.. Work as a tax preparer.

Whether you are a retired accountant, an experienced tax preparer or just someone with a knack for numbers, this seasonal job is a great opportunity to earn extra cash.  You can get clients through recommendations or go to freelance work sites to recruit clients.  There are also established tax preparation companies that you can apply for if you want.

3. Work as tutor.

There are a lot of teaching jobs available for experienced or retired educators.  Online, you can look for job offers from Odesk or apply through Tutor.com.  A lot of universities and schools also hire teaching assistants and test-preparation tutors.

4. Work as a call center agent.

To work as a customer service representative is good for retirees because all you need to do is sit and talk to the phone.  A number of companies also allow their employees to work from home which is less stressful and less demanding.

5. Work as temp.

Temporary jobs are popular among retirees.  There are a variety of jobs that range from one day to several weeks duration.  From office jobs to bookkeeping, retail to data entry jobs, you can easily find one that fit your skills, expertise and schedule.

Remember, just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean that you can’t work anymore.  As long as you are physically fit to do the job, there are a number of wonderful opportunities waiting for you.

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