Top 3 Asian Countries You Should Retire To

Asian countries have been popular among travelers and retirees alike because of its low costs and tropical weather.  However, when you are looking for a place to retire to, it’s not just about the costs and weather anymore.  There are a lot of things to consider like the health care system, transportation and the community.

Retiring overseas can be a challenge and choosing a destination is even more challenging.  So here are my top 3 picks for the best Asian countries to retire to, in order to help you decide which part of this continent you should choose.

Cebu City, Philippines

This “First World City” is the 5th country on Live and Invest Overseas’ World’s Top 21 Retirement Havens list.  The cost of living in the Philippines is one of the lowest in the world and for $1,000/month, you can already enjoy the perks of this modern, prosperous and industrialized city.  There’s a wide range of international restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores – everything that you probably have at home.  It’s also a home to beautiful beaches and mountains in case you want to take a break from the big city.

There are a lot of high standard medical facilities with modern technology in Cebu.  When it comes to the quality of care, all medical providers are well-trained and English literate.  We all know that Filipino medical professionals are the most in-demand all over the world, so expect that they are really competent and passionate when it comes to providing care to their patients.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Next to the Philippines is Thailand which is on the 6th spot.  Chiang Mai already has over 30,000 foreigners who have transitioned their lives from their home country to this paradise.

Aside from its beautiful beaches and weather, Thailand is also known for its medical tourism.  The country offers a very affordable but high quality standard of health care.

When it comes to the cost of living, it is really low. You get to live a very comfortable life for roughly $500/month.

Georgetown, Penang – Malaysia

Ranked 10th on Live and Invest Overseas’ Top Retirement Havens, this small city in the metropolitan area, offers a safe and affordable destination for retirees all over the world.  For only $1,500 per month, Georgetown can offer you a high and “Western” standard of living.

When it comes to the health care system, George Town boasts its international standards and internationally accredited private hospitals.

Malaysia offers a program called “Malaysia, my 2nd home” (MM2H) for people who wish to retire in the country and avail different benefits such as 10-year year Social Visit Pass and Multiple-Entry Visa, 80% of housing loan, a chance to invest and own a business in the country, as well as import/purchase a new car tax-free.

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