Keeping in Touch with Your Furry Friends

Technology isn’t just for us, humans.  It’s for our furry friends too.  The number of households who own at least one pet is rapidly growing.  According to the American Pet Products Association, nearly two-thirds of U.S. households, or 80 million homes, have pets.  Reports also show that last year, Americans spend around $60 billion dollars for their pets.  That’s the reason why pet-tech gadgets are really popular in the market nowadays.

We have been using technology as a means of staying in touch with each other but if you don’t know yet, there are a lot of innovative devices that allow pet owners to see or talk to their pets, take photos, play games and even dispense treats even when away.

PetChatz HD

This two-way HD videophone is installed into an electrical outlet which is typically located close to pet eye level.  It connects to your home Wi-Fi network that allows you to make video calls easily from your pc, mobile or tablet.  It plays a tone to get your pet’s attention and you can push a button from the site/app to dispense a small treat onto the floor.  Another feature allows you to also dispense a scent that can calm your pet.

PetChatz Paw Call

This pet-safe 3” x 4” device is compatible with your PetChatz HD.  It can be easily placed on the floor or wall that allows your pets to initiate the videocall.


This console caters to your dog’s cognitive needs.  CleverPet allows pet-parents to play with their fur babies even when they are not at home and dispense dry dog food when a task is completed successfully.  With the use of an app, you get to see exactly how much food your dog has eaten, what game he or she is playing, and what level your pup is playing at, in real time.

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