Acupuncture for Anti-Aging

For those who are not familiar with Acupuncture, it is a form of alternative medicine that involves thin needles inserted into different points of the body.  It is commonly used for pain relief but is also used for other health purposes such as Anti-Aging.

The practice of acupuncture to enhance beauty dates back to China’s Song Dynasty when it was used by the Empress and Emperor’s concubines.  Back in China, this procedure is known as “Mei Rong” while in non-Chinese countries, it’s popularly known as Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture.

How does Acupuncture work for Anti-aging?

Increases Collagen Production

Acupuncture stimulates the production of collagen which tightens skin and fills in the areas that need it such as frown lines, smile lines and smoker’s lines around the mouth area.

Eliminates Fine Lines

Unlike Botox, which freezes the muscles to flatten the creases for a certain period of time, Acupuncture relaxes and retrains muscle pattern to get rid of the lines naturally.

Promotes Circulation

Anything that promotes healthy circulation also helps skin to become healthy, glowing and vibrant.  Acupuncture improves circulation therefore it also helps increase skin nourishment and improve its texture.

Detoxifies the Body

Acupuncture helps your body detoxify by eliminating toxins through your urinary tract.  Cleansing your body of impurities has a big effect to the skin since it is the biggest organ.  The harmful substances that are released from the body are replaced with nutrients and minerals that help your skin become clear and healthy-looking.

Promotes Hormonal Balance

During menopause, your hormones become unbalanced resulting to hormonal breakouts, dry skin and other skin issues.  Acupuncture can help balance your hormones and decrease these unwanted skin problems.

Improves Sleep

Adequate sleep is very important to our health especially your skin.  Sleep is the time when your entire body repairs itself at the cellular level.  But as you age, your sleeping pattern may change and you might find it hard to get a good night sleep.  With the help of Acupuncture, you can improve your sleep efficiency, which will also show in your skin.


With the 6 benefits mentioned above, you might be already convinced to go through this procedure.  To achieve its maximum effects, the American Cosmetic Acupuncture Association requires a commitment of about three hours per week for five weeks.  According to my research, the cost of the whole treatment ranges between $1,000 – $1,500 and succeeding monthly maintenance at about $125-$150/session.

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