The Pros and Cons of a Vacation Rental

Vacation Rentals have become really popular among travelers these days.  Back in the day, rentals were just limited to beach and ski vacations but now, it seems like you can find one anywhere you plan to go.  Thanks to different online vacation rental sites such as AirBnB, Flipkey and HomeAway, it’s now very easy to book your home away from home with just one click.


You can choose a property according to your wants and needs.  Whether you prefer a mountain cabin, a beach house, or a downtown apartment, the options are numerous.  Also, if you want a specific amenity like a Jacuzzi, fire pit or a swimming pool, it’s possible for you to have that.

You will have plenty of space and more rooms.  Since you are renting out a property, you will have more rooms to occupy.  So if you are traveling in groups, you don’t need to fit yourselves into a King-Sized bed or pay extra for an additional mattress.  You also don’t need to worry about sharing bathrooms. More space and rooms equals more privacy.

You will still have that “homey” feeling.  You know that weird feeling of being away from home?  If you are renting out an actual house, you can still have that “home sweet home” feeling even if you are miles away from your own place.

You can save money.  For those traveling in groups, you will most likely get more bang for your buck because a rental gives you more space at a lesser price compared with hotel room.

You can cook your own meals.  This is another way to save money while traveling.  If the host gives you a kitchen access, then you can shop at local grocery stores and cook your own food which saves you a lot of money from food shopping and eating out.

You can do laundry.  If the host permits, then this will save you a lot of space in your luggage because you don’t need to bring a gazillion clothes.

You can have a unique and local experience. Staying in a rental is a great way to experience the local scene because you are actually in the neighborhood instead of staying in resorts or hotels that are located in touristy areas.


You won’t have maid service.  Don’t expect that the host will pick up after you.  So keep in mind that by staying at a rental, you will need to clean up and do the laundry while on vacation.

You might have problems with public transportation.  Make sure to check the available public transportation when booking your home rental because you might also need to bring or rent a car.

You won’t have an access to a “support staff”.  Unlike hotels, you won’t have a concierge to assist you in case you encounter problems in the property.  Most of the time, the host and guests don’t really meet personally and resolving issues may take time.

You may need to bring your own linens, towels and toiletries.  If you’re used to staying in hotel rooms where they offer towels, robes, slippers and toiletries, then don’t expect that home rentals have that too (although most of them do).

Your rental may not look exactly how it is on the site.  Some photos that the hosts provide on the site can sometimes be deceiving.  So just expect a few not-so-good surprises when you arrive.

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