Natural Ways to Beat Menopause

Women who are in menopause feel as if they are going through hell – literally.  Symptoms include hot flashes, night flashes and more.  These symptoms can even affect the woman’s mental health.  That’s why it’s very important to know how to manage menopause properly.  Fortunately, there are different natural remedies that will help you stay sane during your menopausal stage.


To help you balance your hormones a little bit, consume foods rich in plant estrogens such as soya milk, soya flour, linseeds, tofu, miso, pumpkins seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, celery, rhubarb and green beans.

Avoid eating foods that can stimulate hot flashes especially at night. Alcohol, coffee, chocolates and spicy foods are just a few examples.


Physical inactivity during menopause can lead to abnormal weight gain, osteoporosis, heart problems and an increase in the occurrence of common menopause symptoms.  Exercise also has a positive effect on a person’s mood because of the endorphins released in the brain.  These “feel-good” hormones can definitely help a woman suffering from the symptoms of menopause.

Make sure to choose an exercise program that is adequate to your capabilities.  It doesn’t have to be anything rigorous.  What’s important is that you have an active lifestyle.  Some activities that you can do are walking, cycling, aerobics, dancing, swimming… etc.

Relaxation Techniques

Menopause can cause anxiety and stress which can be managed by self-relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, massage, meditation and visual imagery.


Menopause can sometimes drive you crazy and can even lead to depression.  So make sure that you get out of your house and socialize with your friends and family to prevent this.


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