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Taking a vacation is surely one of the many ways to de-stress and relax.  But there’s a lot to consider in ensuring a smooth and safe travel.  In this article, I will talk about some travel tips that I believe are very helpful for senior travelers.

  1. Plan Ahead

I highly recommend seeking suggestions from a travel agent for package tours but if you are the type who wants to plan a trip on your own, then go ahead and make an extensive research on which place you want to go to.  You can buy a guide book or search on the internet.  Be sure to know the climate beforehand and to find out the medical facilities around the area.

  1. Insurance

Get yourself a travel insurance.  You’ll never know what might happen during your vacation so it’s best that you are prepared, especially if you are traveling to a foreign country.

  1. Medical Check-up

Consult with your Physician for a medical check-up; most especially if you already have a chronic condition or have recently undergone a surgery.  Discuss all your health concerns with your doctor, especially your maintenance medications.  Get prescriptions for as needed drugs such as medicines for motion sickness, stomach upset, pain and allergies.  It’s better to purchase them before going on a trip because you’ll never know when you will need it.  Before you proceed with your trip, make sure that you are cleared by your doctor.

  1. Pack light

Only pack the necessary stuff.  You can bring with you fewer clothing items and just do your laundry once you get there.  Fit all your belongings in a wheeled suitcase and an extra carry-on bag.  The lighter you pack, the easier it is for you to travel.

As one wag put it: “Put all the clothes you think you will need in one pile, and all of the money you think you will need in another. Then put half of the clothes back in your closet, and double the pile of money.”

  1. Inform Family/Friends

It is very important for your family or your friends to know that you will go on a trip especially if you are traveling solo.  Always bring with you your mobile phone or if you’re traveling internationally and your line isn’t working, you may be able to buy a local SIM card so that you will still be able to communicate with your family back home and keep them updated with your whereabouts.

You can also buy an international SIM for most phones, but that will take some advanced planning. Check with your carrier about what you need to do if you get an international SIM. Changing the SIM may require you to “unlock” your phone.

  1. Stay Safe

Always remember to stay safe during your vacation.  Being in a foreign place poses a lot of threat for tourists and foreigners.  So avoid traveling out at night and don’t wear expensive jewelries because these might attract robbers.  It’s better to keep your valuables and extra cash inside the hotel safe.

When you’re out, keep your eye on your bag and watch out for thieves.  If you’re using a backpack, wear it on your chest instead of your back.  Use a cross body bag instead of a shoulder bag because the latter is very easy to snatch.

An approach that I use when in a foreign country is to use a zippered pouch on a neck lanyard, tucked under my outer garments.

Safe travels!

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