News of the Week October 15th Edition

Sometimes I have to remind myself how old I am.  Do you?  This quote struck my fancy today, because I certainly qualify in the wrinkles department!

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.”
Mark Twain

And here’s your Baby Boomer news for the week!

Fox Business warns us not to be a target and learn to  fight back at those scammers.   Apparently they are coming out of the woodwork these days.

Speaking of fighting back, are you tired of being thought of as a tech novice?  I know I am.  Even though I was fully grown and then some before ever sitting down at a computer, that’s how I earn my living these days!  Yes, boomers can learn!   Larry Magid  of Forbes is on our side in this fight, and tells advertisers not to treat us like dummies.

In fact, many “Techno-Boomers” are living in the online landscape these days, and are still  doing their share of buying online as well.  So, don’t just think of techies and computer geeks as scruffy kids, sometimes techies-r-us!   ReadWriteWeb explains the story.

Find  five ways to cover medical needs in retirement, from Detroit Free Press.

You should know better, but just in case you don’t, you really shouldn’t be getting a reverse mortgage.  The New York Times tells you why!

Looks like our retirement isn’t going to be the same as what our parents faced.  Good thing, or bad?  Find out at Your Money Matters/Fox Business.

Those of us who still have any money left, can head on over to to read all about “inspired interiors.”  I’ll take one of those!  Actually,  two would be nicer!  They are made for folks who might have a few challenges getting into and out of tubs, but oh, my are they ever gorgeous!

Have a great week!

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