Obamacare: Don’t Understand It? You Are Not Alone! (Review)

ObamacareeObamacare: What do you know about it?  Is it a mystery to you, with all 2,800 pages that nobody can really manage to get through?  Have you found it already implemented to some degree in your life, and has it made a difference?

I’ll have to admit: there’s not a lot I know about Obamacare. I DO know a few things, though:

  • It’s already partially implemented
  • There is more to come
  • There is some benefit for everyone
  • There is some detriment for everyone
  • Passions are strong when it comes to Obamacare
  • It may yet get changed, depending on who is elected

I am very happy to see a new booklet available concerning Obamacare on Amazon’s Kindle site today. Even at its full price, it’s not expensive, but today (October 3) it’s a free download.

The author lays out the timeline of what has already happened in this sweeping legislation, and what is yet to come. She talks about the benefits, the drawbacks, how many people don’t really understand all the possible intended and unintended consequences. There’s some discussion about how the rhetoric gets so heated and so ugly (but I’m thinking: that’s just politics – people get really ugly when it comes to political topics).

As we get older and often more in need of health care, the topics of who is going to pay and how much can be overwhelming – sometimes (actually more frequently than not) the answers aren’t clear.  As we move forward, the amounts paid by each party (insurance and individual) change.  This book, in the timeline, highlights the changes to come.

I thought I’d share the Table of Contents below. If you go to Amazon, don’t forget that you can use the “See Inside” feature to get an idea of how the book is laid out. It certainly is worth reading for free, and, the price will be $6.95 , if you don’t happen to pick it up on the free day.

Table of Contents

  1. What, exactly, is “Obamacare”?
  2. Additional provisions
  3. The Individual Mandate, Universal Coverage, and the Employer Mandate
  4. Pre-Existing Health Conditions
  5. Lifetime and Annual Caps
  6. Fee-for Service vs. Bundled Payments
  7. Consequences, Intended and (Oops!) Otherwise
  8. Religious objections
  9. Undocumented Workers
  10. Major Provisions of Obamacare in Timeline Form
  11. Glossary of Healthcare-Related Terms

I do hope you’ll take the opportunity to download a copy while it’s free.  If you feel so inclined, a review would be a nice “thank you.”

So, head over to Amazon now and pick up a copy of Obamacare:  Don’t Understand It?  You are Not Alone!




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