The 7 Different Types of Journals to Keep

On my previous blog post, I talked about How Journal Writing helps in improving the lives of aging adults – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

If you’re ready to give this activity a try, you need to find one that fits your needs and style, because there are so many ways to journal. Continue reading

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5 Brilliant Ways to Use Essential Oils Other than Diffusing

I have blogged about Essential Oils in this site a few times already – from the staple ones to always have at home to oils you can use for timeless skin, but never really talked about how to use it.

Using a diffuser is the most widely known method but there are actually more ways to use your essential oils besides that.  If you have a set at home or wanting to get one but don’t know how to use them, keep on reading because in today’s article, Continue reading

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9 Helpful Tips to Sleep Better Every Night

As you age, your sleep patterns also change – you tend to get sleepy earlier, and you also wake up earlier than the usual. Although these changes are considered normal part of aging, insomnia and disturbed sleep are not.

The right amount of sleep every night is essential to our health.  In fact, studies show a link between either too much or too little sleep and Continue reading

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How Keeping a Journal Can Improve Your Health

There is more to journal writing than just being creative, sharing significant memories and building up vocabulary – it has proven to be beneficial to one’s emotional, mental and physical health, especially to aging adults.

Journaling isn’t just for writers or students and you don’t even require special writing skills to reap the benefits. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Adult Coloring Books and Why Every Boomer Should Try One

Who says coloring books are only for kids?  This activity can definitely be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Don’t worry, you’re not just limited to coloring pictures of princesses, castles, superheroes and other childish designs. Nowadays, you can find a massive selection of coloring books with unique and intricate designs to have fun with.

But there’s so much more Continue reading

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