Essential Nutrients for Aging Adults

Good nutrition is equally important no matter how young or old you are.  But for aging adults, getting adequate nutrition becomes more challenging because they become less efficient at absorbing these key nutrients from food sources.

Since older adults become more at risk for certain diseases associated with aging, it is very important to eat more nutrient-rich foods to make sure you get all the essential nutrients needed to continue living a healthy life.

So what are these essential nutrients and where do you get them? Continue reading

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How to Eat Healthy when Dining Out

Staying on track with your healthy diet is easy when you’re just at home, where you can control what you cook for dinner.  But it’s not always like that.

Americans love to eat out.  In fact, an article on CNBC says that 90% of Americans dislike cooking, and the average household spends around $3,008 per year on dining out.  Aside from it costing a lot of money, it can also cause a toll to your health if you’re not making healthier food choices when you are dining out.

That said, here are a few helpful tips to eat healthy when you’re out at restaurants while still enjoying your food… Who says healthy food has to be restrictive and tasteless? Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know about Alexa Voice Shopping

Online shopping has come a long way since the early days but it seems that people keep on exploring beyond the convenience of shopping remotely through smartphones and computer devices.  Hence the birth of Voice-activated shopping that was pioneered by Amazon Alexa.

One of the many skills that Amazon’s famous digital assistant Alexa has is that she is able to do the shopping for you. But only from the Amazon site obviously. Continue reading

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The Battle of the 2017 Smart Speakers

The smart speaker trend that was pioneered by Amazon with the debut of Echo in 2014 is taking the world by storm.  In fact, 42% of smart speaker owners say that these gadgets are essential to their everyday lives.

As the relatively young smart speaker market continues to rise, more and more companies are jumping in to make their own versions of the voice activated smart speakers.

There’s an assortment of smart speakers available in the market today, let’s take a look at the new ones from Amazon, Google and Apple. Continue reading

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America’s Best Spots to See Fall Foliage

Last month, Travel + Leisure published a list of The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in the United States.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching the leaves transform, then you’re definitely missing out!

Mid-October is the peak time to witness the fall foliage.  So whether you’re just going on a scenic drive or a fall getaway, now is the perfect time to head outdoors and see the spectacular show of fall colors.  Continue reading

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