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How to Survive Thanksgiving (and Christmas) Without Busting your Diet

Tweet If you are on a “diet,” you probably face a major challenge on holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are traditionally centered around an extravagant family meal, with the implicit feeling that if you try to curtail your eating, … Continue reading

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Shaving Tips

Tweet This is an article I would not have thought needed to be written, but I got an email (from a well-known Internet marketer who shall remain nameless) that contained a complaint about switching from an electric razor to a … Continue reading

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The World’s First Hoseless, Maskless, Cordless, Battery-powered Micro-CPAP Device

Tweet I first heard about Airing over a year ago, when the first fund-raising campaign was announced. I found it intriguing, especially since I have been a CPAP user since before most of the current sleep specialists in the so-called … Continue reading

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Apple Pencil — Better Than Pen & Paper?

Tweet On November 11, 2015, Apple released their own version of a digital stylus pen, the Apple Pencil and their new iPad Pro tablet computer. If you are like me, you probably never get the “hang” of drawing using a … Continue reading

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4 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Tweet Identity theft can completely screw up your life. About 10 million Americans get their identities stolen every year, and the average cost of an identity theft is over $5,000 — not even considering the lost time and hassle. While … Continue reading

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