The Latest Tech for Pets

The pet-care industry has increased massively for the past years, and that includes technology.  Yes, technology hasn’t just embedded itself in almost all areas of our lives, but our pets’ as well.

So whether you’re looking for a new gizmo to spoil your fur baby or on a hunt for the perfect gift for the pet lover in your life, I’ve come up with a list of the latest tech and innovations that will surely enhance your animal friend’s life and yours too.

Smart Collar

This smart collar is the perfect accessory to keep your dog safe, healthy and happy.  It keeps track of your dog’s location and notifies you when your pet leaves designated safe zones.  Aside from nationwide location tracking, you can also keep track of your pet’s activities, and record special walks, hikes, etc. and share to your social media.  Another helpful feature is the temperature alert that informs you when the environment gets too hot or cold.

Smart Feeder

A Number 1 Release on Amazon, this pet feeder allows you to dispense food remotely from your mobile or set a schedule to feed your pets automatically.  It’s also equipped with a camera that connects to a mobile app, to allow you to see, talk and play with your pet even when you’re away.


Pet Tunes Calming Speaker

Feline Calming

Canine Calming

Your dogs and cats get stressed and anxious too, which they can experience when they’re left alone at home, when there’s a series of thunderstorms or fireworks, while traveling, or when adapting to a new environment.  The solution?  A clinically proven and Veterinarian-approved Bluetooth speaker that is pre-loaded with canine or feline calming music to alleviate your pet’s stress-related behaviors.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

I know you love your feline friends so much, but admit it, you hate their litter boxes.  Don’t worry, ScoopFree is here to solve your woes.  The disposable litter tray is pre-filled with crystals that absorb some of the wetness when your cats do their business, and dries some of the solid waste.  It also  has built in sensors that will detect whenever your cat leaves, and automatically rakes the waste into a covered trap.  No more scooping, cleaning, refilling and of course, funky smell!

Automatic Fetch Machine

Let your canine babies play fetch for as long as they like without you doing the throwing (because I know how tiring that is) with this iFetch automatic ball launcher.  You can easily adjust the launch distance from 10, 20 or 30-feet intervals.  Just plug it in and let them play to their heart’s content!

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