The 10 Best States to Grow Old in America

Of course we all want our Golden Years to be the best years of our lives.  That’s why more and more Americans, nowadays, seek other places outside their home state to spend their retirement years in.  Some even go outside the country, and explore the other parts of the world.

Yesterday, I walked you through the Worst States to Grow Old, according to and today, let’s see which ones made it to the other side – the Best states that offer a healthy and affordable environment for their older residents.

1. Utah

This Western US states wins this year’s Best State to Grow Old.  Aside from its natural beauty, it also boasts top notch quality of life and healthcare, as well as costs.  Seniors in Utah pay an average of $35,000/year for assisted living and $48,000/year for home health aide.

2. Iowa

Home to rolling plains and cornfields, America’s Heartland is known for its hospitable people, which make it easier for new residents to be involved in the community.  It also provides older residents access to high-quality senior care options and modest senior care costs, coming at top 20 in the nation (somewhere around the national median).

3. South Carolina

Living near the beach may be in everyone’s “retirement dreams,” and South Carolina would be the perfect state for that.  Aside from its beautiful beaches, South Carolina ranks 6th on America’s most affordable states for elder care.  Assisted living costs run at $36,000/year on an average and home health aide costs at $42,000 per year.

4. Washington State

Although it’s the 13th most expensive state when it comes to assisted living and home health aide, Washington State has a lot to offer for retirees – top notch quality of life and healthcare, and a variety of recreational and cultural opportunities.

5. Nebraska

Nebraska boasts a high concentration of happy and friendly residents, as well as a plethora of activities for retirees.  Assisted living facility and home health aide costs fall around the national median and the quality comes at 14th best in the country.

6. Arizona

Home to the Grand Canyon, Arizona offers abundant sunshine, an active lifestyle, low cost housing and great quality health care.  In fact, it ranks 10th on the quality of life and health care, with home health aide and assistant living facility costs hovering around the national median.

7. California

The third largest state in the country is also the third best state for overall quality of life and healthcare for seniors.  Assisted living facility costs run at an average of $48,000 annually and home health aide costs at $55,000/year.

8. Idaho

Aside from the sunny climate, Idaho boasts being one of the states with the lowest crime rates and the 15th state for quality of life and healthcare.  The costs fall around the national median but neither prescription drugs nor Social Security payments are taxable.

9. Colorado

Ranked 8th for overall quality of life and well-being among elder residents, Colorado’s senior care costs is a little higher than the average, with both assisted living and home health aide costs run around $50,000 annually.

10. Oregon

When it comes to quality of life and healthcare, Oregon comes at third best in the country.  But of course, with top notch healthcare quality, the costs are also about $6,000 more than the national median.

So there you have it, the complete list of the Best and Worst States to Grow Old, according to


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